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Paddywhack Dog Walkers

About us

About PaddyWhack Dog Walkers

Paddywhacks was born out of the love of my own dog.

When I started, I had a gorgeous furry called Paddy who was mad as a box of frogs and gave full body hugs with his arms around my neck. He was fully portable and loved going everywhere with me. He was my shadow, my buddy, my wingman and my friend. Did I ever have to leave him? Yes. Did I trust anyone with him? Well…I did, but I had to be really, really, REALLY sure.

Six years ago, when I was working three part time jobs which I didn’t necessarily love, a friend asked me if I knew any dog walkers as she was looking for someone to walk her beloved Golden Retriever. Why on earth didn’t I think of this before?! I could be a dog walker! I love dogs (like waaay more than humans), I love walking and I love the great outdoors. It was an actual real-life light-bulb moment. I did my research, acquired the necessary insurances and swatted up on my first aid and Paddywhack Dog Walkers was born. Paddy was able to come everywhere with me, even to work! Hooray! It seemed like the perfect job. And let me tell you, it really, genuinely is.

I fully understand how important people’s dogs are to them and that while their dogs are in my care, they are my most precious load whom I promise to look after and love as if they were my own. THIS is what I believe in and THIS is why I have clients who have been with me for years. I have built a reliable, reputable team who have the same ethos and caring as me; yes we are all fully insured, yes we are all DBS checked, but more importantly, we are reliable, friendly, fun and will treat your furbaby as if they were our own. We all are lucky enough to have extended furfamily and if you were to look in any one of our photo albums on our phones, I guarantee pretty much all you will see is dogs!

Sadly Paddy is no longer with me but in October 2017 I was picked by a beautiful girl, lovingly nicknamed Raggedy Girl, who came home with me and officially joined our family. It is a well-known fact in my house that Kira is my favourite child (among my three teenage boys) and I am not ashamed to admit I would probably sell a kidney if I thought it would make her happy and make her life better.

Leaving my furbaby is one of my least favourite things to do and where possible, if my dog can’t go then I don’t go either. Having said that, there are times when she is not allowed to come with me and therefore it is necessary for me to find someone to look after her. THIS is why my business remains the same. Because no matter how long I have to leave my dog, if she needs feeding, watering, toileting, walking or just loving, I need to know she is in the very best hands, the safest and kindest hands, with someone who will love her and fuss her and spoil her just the same way I do. And that is what I will bring to yours too.

*no kidneys were lost in the caring for this dog. Yet…

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